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Problems of Forensic Sciences 2001  Vol. 46 (XLVI)  127-130

J. CHASELING1, Michael D. COLE2, J. C. I. LEE3, Adrian M. T. LINACRE2
1Department of Applied Statistics, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Griffith University, Nathan, Queensland, Australia
2Forensic Science Unit, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom
3Department of Forensic Science, Central Police University, Kwei-San, Taoyuan, Republic of China


The analysis of bulk samples of drugs of abuse, whether it be for the identification, quantification or comparison of different samples follows a simple basic pattern of a physical description, a colour test and where necessary, identification using one or more instrumental techniques. In order to develop a test for these fungi, it is necessary to identify parts of theDNAwhich are specific to genus. In order to determine this, the DNA was extracted from fungal drugs and PCR was performed on the ITS-1 region. In using this system to identify fungal material to genus, PCR was extracted on extracted DNA using a common primer and genus specific primer.

Key words

Fungal drugs; DNA; PCR.

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