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Problems of Forensic Sciences 2006  Vol. 68 (LXVIII)  394-408

Ewa FABIAŃSKA1, Marcin KUNICKI1, Grzegorz ZADORA1, Tomasz DZIEDZIC1, Dariusz BUŁKA2
1Institute of Forensic Research, Krakow
2Cyborg Idea S.C., Krakow


The Institute of Forensic Research has finalised creation of software entitled Graphlog. It was designed as a supportive tool in handwriting analysis for taking and processing measurements of a variety of features. In addition to taking measurements and image editing, Graphlog also allows storage and descriptive statistics analysis of a great number of results (the number of measurements, minimum, maximum, mean and the standard deviation are automatically displayed in a special window). The collected data can be then exported to other advanced statistical software. Graphlog’s measuring functions have been divided into universal and particular. The former encompass general measurements such as distance, angle, baseline alignment angle, size (oval diameter) and proportions. Particular measurement functions compute specific handwriting features. Each particular measurement is coupled with one of the six universal measurements. The software is equipped with a default list of measurable features, which can be further expanded by the user to include other features – vital for carrying out research. Accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of the measurements computed by Graphlog were confirmed by measurements of standardised manuscripts written by ten people. Each sample included twenty-two characters in three categories: central, upper, and lower zone letters, with each character written separately. The documents were scanned and the graphic files were given to seven people, who measured each manuscript five times. Repeatability was checked on the basis of ten samples of ordinary handwriting.

Słowa kluczowe

Handwriting; Document examinations; Computer programme; Graphic features.

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